SBA Travel Reimbursement Procedures and Criteria

Student Bar Association

In order to enhance educational and professional opportunities, the SBA funds individuals for student travel to conferences and educational experiences. The executive board will consider applications and decide by a majority vote whether to grant the request. The SBA’s goal is to make these funds equally accessible to all students by a process rather than by ad hoc voting. This procedure is not part of the SBA constitution, but rather a program that is implemented for the benefit of SBA members.

  • Travel reimbursement may be requested for any form of academically related travel.
  • Requests must include:
    1. Itemized receipts.
    2. Completed SBA travel reimbursement form.
    3. A description of how the travel enhanced the requestor’s legal education and the law school as a whole.
    4. Documentation of requests for other funding.
  • Limitations on funding requests:
    1. SBA will not reimburse students for alcohol purchases.
    2. Funding requests for food will be given on a per diem basis not to exceed the amount of $35 per whole day of travel.
    3. Students must apply for other forms of funding prior to requesting SBA reimbursement. The actual attainment of other funds is not required as long as documentation is attached describing why other funds were not attained.
    4. However, these two resources should be attempted:
      1. GPSA funds
      2. Parent organization sponsoring event.
    5. Students may qualify for a maximum reimbursement of $150/semester (excluding summer semesters) for a total of $300/ academic year.