Required Reading Assignments for First Classes

First year students will be expected to complete reading assignments before the first day of class. The assignments will be posted as they become available.

Fall 2019 Textbook List for 1L Courses

Click here for the PDF.

Contracts - Professor Desiderio

For the first day of class August 20 please prepare the following assignment:
Course Overview and Welcome to the Law of Enforceable Promises xxxiii-xxxviii, xl: and 1-20

Contracts - Professor Moore

For Tuesday, August 20: Blum & Bushaw (4th Edition), pp. xxxiii-xxxviii and pp. 1-20

Contracts - Professor Spitz

SECTION 3 (reading for the first week of classes) – please read In the Matter of Baby M handout (click here for the PDF) for the first class; and Casebook pp. xxxiii-xxxviii and 1-20 for the second class.

Criminal Law - Professor Ahranjani

August 19: Course Overview and Introductory Concepts (read Lee & Harris pp. 1-12 and finish Bryan Stevenson’s Just Mercy)

Criminal Law - Professor Kastenberg

Week 1: Basic Principles of Criminal Law
In United States v. Hudson and Goodwin, 11 U.S. (7 Cranch) 32 (1812), the Supreme Court determined that in order to make prohibited conduct a crime, the public had to be placed on notice of the prohibition and Congress had to affix a punishment to the conduct. This basic rule, which departed from British practice, does not end our inquiry as to whether a criminal statute is fair in its design or serves a valid non-discriminatory purpose. It does not answer why society has deemed certain conduct to be a crime. But it does inform the federal and state governments that crimes cannot randomly be created.

August 19: Reading:
Cynthia Lee and Angela Harris, Criminal Law: Cases and Materials, 3d ed: Pgs 1-65
State v. Lucero, 531 P.2d 1215 (NM CA 1975)
Commonwealth v. Warren, 475 Mass 530 (MA Sup Jud Ct 2016)

August 20: Reading:
Continue Lee and Harris, 1-65 and other assigned cases
Please take the Implicit Bias survey at - choose Skin-tone, Race, or native IAT)

Criminal Law - Professor Ellis

Read pages 1-13 of the casebook, Dressler & Garvey, Criminal Law (8th edition 2019).

Elements of Legal Argumentation (ELA) – ALL SECTIONS



All students read the first chapter of Essential Lawyering Skills
On the first day, all sections of morning Lab meet with Prof. Homer in 2404
On the first day, all sections of afternoon Lab meet with Prof. Martinez in 2406.

Torts - Professor Carey

Read pages 1-26 in casebook.

Torts - Professor Gipson-Rankin

Monday, August 19, pages 1-25, Introduction to Tort Law
Wednesday, August 21, pages 1-25, 30-46, Introduction to Tort Law (cont’d)
Thursday, August 22, pages 47-65, Overview of Negligence Law

Torts - Professor Suzuki

Week 1 Assignments