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Student Organization Event Planning After Building Hours Events Policies and Procedures

Student Organizations may schedule events under the following conditions:

  1. During business hours.
  2. Before or after business hours:
    Requirements student organizations must meet:
    • Secure the date and space with Law School reception desk personnel by completing the online Space Request form.
    • Equipment/media services must be requested through the Media Services website. Applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis in accordance with law sc hool policy in support of the academic mission and fee structure.
    • Secure any necessary alcohol permits in place as per regular UNM Policy .
    • Secure a faculty sponsor to be responsible for locking up the building and being present at the event the entire time during the before/after hours time. The faculty sponsor must be listed in the relevant field on the online Space Request Form.
    • Designate a responsible individual to create and implement a plan to ensure that all trash is picked up and all furniture and equipment is returned to its proper place .
    • Please note that entrance to the room will not be granted prior to the time indicated in your initial request and the room will need to be vacated at the time specified in your request.
    • Secure needed parking passes through Law School reception desk personnel if needed for any guests who do not have an L or G permit.