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Mediation Faculty


Cynthia Olson

Cynthia Olson is the owner and principal trainer for Cynthia Olson & Associates, LLC. An internationally recognized leader and innovator in the field of mediation, interpersonal communication and dispute resolution systems, she also has had a significant impact on the development of mediation in New Mexico. As Director of The Albuquerque Mediation Center she initiated many projects including the Metropolitan Court Mediation Program. More recently she has assisted various organizations design and implement in-house mediation programs, including the State of New Mexico’s Office of Dispute Prevention and Resolution. Cynthia is a Commissioner on the Statewide Alternative Dispute Resolution Commission, New Mexico Supreme Court. Cynthia holds an MS Ed from the College of St. Thomas, a BS Ed from the University of Minnesota, and has attended over 1000 hours of process management and conflict resolution coursework from a variety of professional sources. Cynthia has worked widely in Latin America, England and for several Native American groups including the Navajo Nation Peacemaker Court.

Family Mediation

Laura Bassein,

Laura Bassein, UNM School of Law--Institute of Public Law Senior Attorney, works with New Mexico’s Judicial Education Center and Children’s Law Center. She serves as a New Mexico Supreme Court Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Commissioner. Laura formerly worked for the 1) Administrative Office of the Courts on domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking issues, and as Children’s Court Mediation Program statewide coordinator; and 2) Second Judicial District Court as Program Manager/Mediator of the Pro Se Mediation Program. She previously worked in Michigan’s Supreme Court Office of Dispute Resolution managing several statewide mediation programs. For twenty years, Laura has trained others in conflict resolution, basic mediation, child protection mediation, family mediation, and various advanced mediation topics. She has taught basic and family mediation courses as UNM School of Law adjunct faculty since 2009. Laura obtained her law degree in 1986 from the University of Colorado and practiced law in both the private and public sectors before turning toward work in ADR.

David Peter Levin,

David Levin graduated from Harvard College in 1971, UNM School of Law in 1977 and has been a trained mediator since 1987. He began his legal career as a civil litigator and general practitioner, later becoming an "AV" rated Board Recognized Specialist in Family Law. David became Director of Court Alternatives, Second Judicial District Court, State of New Mexico, in 2002, and State Project Manager, Mediation Program, Magistrate Division, Administrate Office of the Courts in 2013. He is Co-Chair of the Statewide Alternative Dispute Resolution Commission, New Mexico Supreme Court. David has taught basic, family, magistrate court, and advanced mediation, as well as settlement facilitation.