Law Students’ Association for Government Relations

Statement of Purpose

The Law Student’s Association for Government Relations will give its members the opportunity to learn about the New Mexico legislative process, government relations, and policy. This organization will meet regularly to discuss shared areas of interest pertaining to state policy. This organization will organize trips to the New Mexico Legislature and participate in public comment on policy during the legislative session and interim, as appropriate. This organization will conduct fundraisers to subsidize travel expenses for its members.

This organization will host and meet with legislators in a strictly non-partisan capacity. This organization will give its members the opportunity to network with and meet legislators, agency officials and other office holding offcials. Law students will be given the opportunity to ask legislators and agency officials questions about their experiences and policy goals. Any views expressed will be the individual views of members and will never be expressed as the views of the University.

This organization will prioritize legislation to focus on through a member voting process.