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Opening a world of possibilities

Our students help break underrepresented children from the cycle of poverty by expanding their knowledge, developing their skills, and showing career pathways.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, M.S.L. students who have taken or are concurrently taking Constitutional Law and Constitutional Rights, or Criminal Procedure I are encouraged to apply.
Yes! Many MB fellows concurrently take ETP, and many go on to win their mock trials.
Absolutely, many of our fellows are law journal staff.
While having a work commitment during law school provides added stress and time constraints, some of our fellows manage to do well in the program and in their other commitments.
Once per week for two hours.
Yes, most fellows have little or no experience in teaching. In your application, tell us your interest in youth, criminal law/procedure, youth justice, teaching, pedagogy, or simply why you’re interested in the program.
Attend our info session held during the spring semester (keep an eye out for email with details), email the Program Director, or visit the program faculty advisor, Professor Ahranjani, during her office hours.