Not-for-Profit Art Gallery

Past Exhibit:  2018 Artist in Residence Program

The University of New Mexico Law School Not-for-Profit Art Gallery is launching the 2018 Artist in Residence Program with an opening reception on Tuesday, February 20, 2018, from 5:00 - 6:30 p.m. in the Forum at the UNM Law School, located at 1117 Stanford NE. Free parking is available in the law school parking lot after 4:00 p.m.

The Art Gallery’s inaugural Artist in Residence Program features work from 14 artists:


  • Sarah Lough, Law Alumna, Class of 2007
  • Barbara Shapiro, Law Alumna, Class of 1978
  • Melinda Silver, Law Alumna, Class of 1983


  • Steven K. Homer, Director of the Legal Analysis & Communication Program, UNM School of Law
  • Laurel Lampella, Fine Arts Professor


  • Noyes, Dan, Retired Law Staff


  • Janette Duran, Law Student, Class 2020

Friends & Family

  • Dorothy McDonough-McGeorge, Wife of Law Alumnus
  • David McMullen
  • Vera Neel, Wife of Law Alumnus
  • Vickie Pleau
  • Dan Shaffer, Relative of UNM Faculty
  • Michael Toya, Husband of Law Student
  • Robert Weber, Husband of Law Faculty

Meet the exhibiting artists and hear about their work at the opening reception, which will feature a buffet. Johnny Alston will provide live Native Flute Music. For more information, please contact Professor Sherri Burr (Art Committee Chair) at 505-277-5650 or

Art by Melinda Silver
Another Verga Day by Melinda Silver

Art Talk interviews