Events - Policies for Use of Rooms by Outside Groups

In accordance with University policy, the Law School permits non-profit groups and organizations to use a limited number of its classrooms for meetings and events, provided such usage: (1) does not interfere with the Law School’s educational mission, and (2) does not make the University an instrument of partisan political action.* Outside groups must use this form to request use of law school building space. Use of this form constitutes an acceptance of the Terms of Use for law school space, which will be described in full when scheduling confirmation is provided. This includes agreeing to pay for any loss or damage to equipment or property that occurs as a result of such usage. Please complete all information. Incomplete forms delay room booking.

General Information for Outside Groups

  • A maximum of one room, and a maximum of one day at a time may be scheduled; events that require more than one room or one day must first be cleared by one of the law school deans before they will be scheduled.
  • Outside groups must have permission to be in the Law School, i.e., groups may not simply walk in and occupy empty rooms.
  • Permission to be in a room is verified once a meeting or event appears on the Law School Events Calendar. If an event is not on this calendar, outside groups do not have permission to use a room and may be asked to leave the Law School.
  • Not all law school rooms are available to outside groups, and not all times can be accommodated.
  • The Law School reserves the right not to provide space to groups that have failed to comply with this policy in the past, or would require the law school to incur extraordinary expenses to host them.
  • If the Law Building is not open, or if staff members are not otherwise available to unlock rooms, room requests cannot be accommodated. In other words, the Law School will not change its regular building hours, ask staff to change their schedules, or pay staff overtime to accommodate space requests for outside groups.
  • Rooms will be unavailable to outside groups during law school examination periods and during the first two weeks of August every year when the classrooms are closed for maintenance.
  • No one may disconnect or otherwise modify installed technology. Doing so may result in revocation of future scheduling privileges.

Scheduling Procedures

  • Outside Group room reservations must be submitted via the request form below.  All requested information must be provided; partially completed forms will not be processed.
  • Telephone and email requests will not be processed.
  • IT equipment reservations must also be submitted in writing via an online request form, at the time a room is requested.
  • There is a charge for use of law school IT equipment and services; a price quote will be provided as part of the scheduling procedures

Building Hours

  • Building hours vary according to the academic calendar; building hours are generally the same as the Law Library Hours
  • No one should be in the Law School Building after it has closed.

Outside Group IT Equipment Use

The Law School does not charge outside groups for use of its rooms; however, it does charge for use of IT equipment and technical support by Law School personnel.

An outside group that connects to the Internet via the Law School's data ports, or uses any part of its equipment including projectors, screens, computers, speakers, microphones, or any other type of audio-visual equipment, will be charged the following fees for these services. Classroom internet access and equipment is available only as a package; a la carte rates are not available. Groups will be invoiced for IT fees shortly after an event and prompt payment is expected. In some cases, prepayment may be required. Payment may also be made via credit card.

Equipment should be requested at the time a room is reserved by use of the Special Events/Production Services Request Form. Please provide contact and billing information to Media Services at the time reservation is made.

Groups using law school space may not bring in IT equipment to use in lieu of law school equipment—unhooking law school equipment from ports to accommodate outside equipment increases risk of damage to law school connectors and ports, and greatly increases the likelihood of disruption of the teaching environment due to law school equipment not being properly reconnected.

Classroom EventNon-Profit RateFor-Profit Rate*
Classroom, basic set up, ½ day (event concludes by 5 pm)$50.00$100.00
Classroom, basic set up, full day (event concludes by 5 pm)$100.00$200.00
Classroom, basic set up, evening
(added to above charges if event goes past 5 pm)
Tech Support (optional)$25/hr.$50/hr.
Other Events
Call for Quote
Other ServicesNon-Profit RateFor-Profit Rate
Additional copies: DVDs$5 each$10.00 each


  • Report all life safety emergencies to ‘911.’

Report after-hours, non-emergency facilities problems to the staff in the Law Library. If staff are unavailable for any reason, report urgent facilities problems (e.g., leaking plumbing, power loss, etc.) to the UNM Police Department at 277-2241.

*While the Law School encourages debate of political issues, and the Law faculty may issue position papers or provide commentary on information related to political issues, use of Law School space by a political group under this room reservation policy should not be construed as an endorsement of any candidates for public office. Any political statements or endorsements made by individuals or organizations while using Law School space do not represent a political endorsement, or the position or the policy of the Law School, or the University of New Mexico. Any candidate for public office claiming an endorsement from the Law School of University of New Mexico by virtue of use of Law School space is doing so without permission.