Institute of Public Law

The Institute of Public Law (IPL) at the University of New Mexico School of Law engages in research, analysis, teaching, training, writing and publishing to support the development of informed public policy and law. Founded in 1969 as the public service arm of the law school, the Institute provides assistance to state, local, and federal government, and undertakes special projects through foundation grants. We form an important link for New Mexico's only law school with government entities and the community at large. The Institute includes the Corinne Wolfe Center for Child and Family Justice, and the Legal Practice and Training Center.

A tradition of public service

The Institute has long contributed to the University's tradition of government and community service. Themes that run through our work include our commitment to assisting public officers achieve excellence in government, our interest in communicating public law and policy to diverse groups and individuals, and our commitment to an informed and involved citizenry. IPL often uses an interdisciplinary approach, working closely with other University departments, government staff, community groups and the private sector. Institute staff include lawyers, educators, writers, newsletter designers, and conference planners. We conduct legal research, organize and teach at conferences and seminars, publish manuals, newsletters and online educational resources, arrange public meetings, and provide community support.

The Judicial Education Center no longer exists at the Institute of Public Law.  For ongoing and/or future judicial education questions, please contact the NM Administrative Office of the Courts at; for questions about prior judicial education matters, please contact