Association of Future Prosecutors By-laws

Taken from AFP Constitution:

Membership is open to any currently enrolled UNM student who – 1)_is a current student of the University of New Mexico School of Law (UNMSOL)

A quorum shall consist of at least four members of AFP, and must include the President or Vice President (with consent of the President).

Each member must be in good standing to vote. “Good standing” means the member has not violated the UNMSOL student code of conduct, any UNMSOL policy, or any section of the AFP constitution. A member must also have paid AFP dues prior to the end of the voting period, but only when dues have been requested at the beginning of the semester during the first AFP meeting.

To vote in elections, any member may participate. Elections will be administered online by the Secretary, as specified in Article V, Section 2. To vote on an amendment to the AFP constitution, only currently-serving AFP officers may vote, which will be held at the request of any officer, and shall pass with a 3/4 majority vote. The amendment will then be added to the Constitution for implementation in the subsequent semester.