New Mexico Criminal Defense Lawyers' Association Law Student Chapter

Article I – Name

The name of the organization shall be the New Mexico Criminal Defense Lawyers’ Association – Law Student Chapter.

Article II. Purpose

The purpose of this organization is to work in conjunction with the New Mexico Criminal Defense Lawyers’ Association to protect and ensure, by rule of law, those individual rights guaranteed by the New Mexico and Federal Constitutions in criminal cases; to resist the constant efforts which are being made to curtail these rights; to encourage cooperation between lawyers and students engaged in the furtherance of these objectives through educational programs and other assistance; and, through these efforts, to promote justice and the common good.

Article III. Membership

Membership is open to any student currently enrolled at the University of New Mexico School of Law who is not, at the time of membership or involvement in any of the organization’s activities, in any way engaged with a prosecutorial office or program.

Article IV. Officers

Officers for the first year of the organization’s existence shall be those persons involved in the creation of the organization. Following the 2005-2006 school year, officers shall be elected by a majority of the voting members.

Article V. Meetings

Meetings shall be held at least once a month, and may be held more frequently as needed.

Article VI. Quorum

Those voting members present at any meeting of the organization constitute a quorum for the purposes of conducting business.

Article VII. Amendments

Amendments to the Constitution or the By-Laws of this organization may be made by the officers or a majority of the current membership as necessary.