About Us

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About Us

We are a group of students dedicated to learning how to:

  • Preserve the important constitutional right to trial by jury.
  • Hold corporations, governments and individuals accountable for their wrongdoing.
  • Protect the interests of those who justly deserve compensation for injury to their persons, businesses or property.
  • Protect the interests of consumers in their just expectations and their personal safety.
  • Encourage legislation and the development of the common law to promote responsibility for the safety of all persons, by requiring, among other things, a safe workplace, safer products, quality healthcare, safe roads and public places, and a clean environment.
  • Inspire excellence in advocacy through high professional standards, continuing legal education and legal publications.

The members of the NMTLSA will be:

  • Introduced to the plaintiff's bar;
  • Provided with educational forums; and
  • Provided with multiple networking opportunities with practicing attorneys.