Status for Tuition Purposes

The rules and regulations for establishing residency for tuition purposes are defined by state statutes. A financially independent adult must have resided in New Mexico for a period of twelve consecutive months immediately prior to the term for which residency is being sought. Residency in this context means legal residence. Legal residence requires intent to remain in the state indefinitely, in the sense of making it one's permanent home, as well as physical residence.

The residency decision is based on the information contained in the application for admission.

All students are classified according to their residency status for tuition purposes. Nonresident students may be eligible for resident tuition rates after the first year if they fulfill the requirements for residency and petition for the resident classification.

Any student wishing to change from non-resident to resident classification must submit a petition to the UNM Enrollment Management Office before the end of the second week of classes for a given semester. For further information, including frequently asked questions, requirements for establishing New Mexico residency, and residency petitions, visit the University Registrar's Office website.