Affiliated Faculty

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Melinda Morgan

Assistant Professor
Department of Geography and Environmental Studies

Prof. Morgan examines in her scholarship the role of law and policy in emerging environmental governance concepts and teaches a course in natural resources management that is offered both to law students and graduate students on main campus.

Kimberly Gaudermanh

Kimberly Gauderman

Associate Professor
Undergraduate Advisor
Department of History

Dr. Gauderman joined the History Department in 1998 and is currently the Departmental Undergraduate Advisor. She teaches a variety of courses focusing on early and modern Latin American history. Reflective of her research interests and her concern for social justice and human rights, she focuses on the construction of institutional authority in the early modern and modern periods in Iberia and Latin America and the creation of racial categories, gender norms, and sexuality. In addition to her research and teaching at UNM, Dr. Gauderman is on the board of faculty at FLACSO, Ecuador. She also works as an expert witness for individuals seeking asylum from Latin America. She has worked with attorneys across the nation to support those seeking asylum in the United States because of threats to their sexual identity, domestic and sexual violence, and political and gang violence.


Kathy Powers

Kathy Powers

Assistant Professor
Department of Political Science

Dr. Powers' research focuses on international relations with specific emphasis on the role of institutional design in trade and war. She also studies the international legal personality of international organizations.