Faculty by Expertise

The University of New Mexico School of Law faculty brings to the legal arena a broad range of expertise that it regularly contributes to the larger legal community and the state. Professors are available to share their individual expertise when a news event occurs, either locally or nationally.

Following is a comprehensive listing, including telephone numbers and email addresses, of UNM law professors and their areas of expertise. We recommend you leave both a voice and email message when seeking comment.

For help identifying the best faculty member to provide comment or answer questions, please contact UNM School of Law Communications.

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Subject AreaFaculty

- A -

Administrative LawReed BensonMichael BrowdeJohn LaVelle 
Animal LawMichelle Rigual   
Appellate Advocacy & PracticeMichael BrowdeVeronica Gonzales-ZamoraLysette Romero Cordova 
ArbitrationTed Occhialino   
Art LawSherri Burr   

- B -

Bankruptcy LawNathalie MartinLaura Spitz  
BioethicsRob SchwartzCarol M. Suzuki  
Business LawRobert DesiderioPaul FigueroaNathalie MartinSerge Martinez
 Theodore ParnallMary ParejaSergio ParejaJoseph Schremmer
 Laura Spitz

- C -

Capital PunishmentJim Ellis   
Child AdvocacyApril LandSarah SteadmanCarol M. Suzuki 
Children's Health Law and PolicyRob SchwartzSarah Steadman  
Civil ProcedureGeorge BachMichael BrowdeVeronica Gonzales-ZamoraTed Occhialino
Civil RightsMaryam AhranjaniGeorge BachBarbara CreelVinay Harpalani
 Marc-Tizoc González   
Clinical Legal EducationSerge MartinezGeorge BachCamille CareyBarbara Creel
 Steven HomerApril LandAliza OrganickGabe Pacyniak
 Sarah SteadmanCarol M. SuzukiSam WinderChristine Zuni Cruz
Computer Applications and Internet LawSonia Gipson Rankin   
Consumer and Commercial LawRobert DesiderioNathalie MartinJoseph SchremmerLaura Spitz
Constitutional LawMaryam AhranjaniGeorge BachMichael BrowdeJim Ellis
 Sonia Gipson RankinVinay HarpalaniJohn KangClifford Villa
ContractsRobert DesiderioNathalie MartinJennifer MooreSergio Pareja
 Laura Spitz  
CopyrightSherri BurrSherri Thomas  
Criminal LawMaryam AhranjaniBarbara CreelJim EllisScott England
 Joshua KastenbergLeo RomeroLysette Romero Cordova 
Criminal Law in Indian CountryBarbara CreelAliza OrganickSam Winder 
Critical Race TheoryMarc-Tizoc González   
Cultural PropertySherri BurrChristine Zuni Cruz  

- D -

Disability LawJim Ellis   
Disaster LawClifford Villa   
Domestic ViolenceCamille Carey   

- E -

Economic DevelopmentNathalie MartinSerge Martinez  
Education LawMaryam AhranjaniVinay Harpalani  
Elder LawNathalie MartinSarah SteadmanCarol M. Suzuki 
Employment & Labor LawGeorge Bach  
Energy Law & ClimateGabe Pacyniak   
Entertainment LawSherri Burr   
Environmental LawReed BensonGabe PacyniakJoseph SchremmerClifford Villa
Equal ProtectionMarc-Tizoc González   
Evidence & ProcedureGeorge BachBarbara CreelJoshua KastenbergLeo Romero
 David Stout   

- F -

Family LawCamille CareySonia Gipson RankinVeronica Gonzales-ZamoraApril Land
 Sarah SteadmanCarol M. Suzuki  
Federal Habeas CorpusBarbara Creel   
Federal JurisdictionGeorge BachMichael Browde  
Financial LiteracyNathalie Martin   
First AmendmentMarc-Tizoc González   
Food JusticeMarc-Tizoc González   

- G -

Gaming & Gambling LawJohn LaVelle   

- H -

Health LawMary ParejaRob Schwartz  
Health Law Ethics and PolicyRob SchwartzMary ParejaCarol M. Suzuki 
Housing LawSerge Martinez   
Human RightsJennifer Moore   

- I -

Immigration LawCamille CareyJennifer MooreCarol M. Suzuki Gloria Valencia-Weber
Indian Civil RightsBarbara Creel   
Indian GamingJohn LaVelle   
Indian Habeas CorpusBarbara Creel   
Indian LawBarbara CreelJohn LaVelleAliza OrganickGloria Valencia-Weber
 Sam WinderChristine Zuni Cruz  
Insurance LawDavid Stout   
Intellectual PropertySherri BurrPaul Figueroa Marc-Tizoc González 
International Business TransactionsNathalie Martin Sergio ParejaTheodore ParnallLaura Spitz
International LawSherri BurrPaul FigueroaJennifer Moore 
International Law and Indigenous PeopleGloria Valencia-WeberChristine Zuni Cruz  

- J -

Judicial SelectionCamille CareySergio ParejaLeo Romero 

- K -


- L -

Latinas, Latinos, and the LawMarc-Tizoc González   
Law and MedicineRob SchwartzCarol M. Suzuki  
Law and SocietyNathalie MartinLaura Spitz  
Law Libraries and ArchivesJennifer LawsErnesto LongaMichelle RigualAlexandra Siek
 Sherri Thomas  
Legal EducationLeo RomeroPeter Winograd  
Legal EthicsMarc-Tizoc GonzálezVeronica Gonzales-ZamoraJoshua KastenbergDavid Stout
Legal HistoryJoshua Kastenberg   
Legal Analysis &
Communication (Writing)
Scott EnglandSteven HomerLysette Romero CordovaDavid Stout

- M -

Mental Disabilities, Mental Health and the LawJim Ellis   
Military LawJoshua Kastenberg   
Minority Student IssuesMarc-Tizoc González   

- N -

NAFTALaura Spitz   
National Security LawJoshua Kastenberg   
Natural Resources LawReed BensonGabe PacyniakJoseph SchremmerClifford Villa

- O -

Oil & GasJoseph Schremmer   

- P -

Popular Culture and the LawSherri Burr   
Property LawSherri BurrElizabeth EliaMarc-Tizoc GonzálezSerge Martinez
Public BenefitsMarc-Tizoc González   

- Q -


- R -

Race and the LawSonia Gipson RankinMarc-Tizoc GonzálezVinay HarpalaniChristine Zuni Cruz
Real Estate LawElizabeth EliaNathalie Martin  
Refugee and Asylum LawJennifer MooreCarol M. Suzuki  

- S -


- T -

Tax LawRobert DesiderioMary ParejaSergio Pareja 
Tort LawCamille CareySonia Gipson RankinTed OcchialinoMary Pareja
 Rob SchwartzCarol M. Suzuki  
Trade LawPaul Figueroa   
Tribal CourtsBarbara CreelJohn LaVelleAliza OrganickChristine Zuni Cruz

- U -


- V -


- W -

Water LawReed Benson   
Wills and TrustsSherri BurrMarc-Tizoc GonzálezMary ParejaSergio Pareja
Women's RightsCamille CareyJennifer MooreCarol M. Suzuki 

- X -


- Y -


- Z -