About Us

The 2013 Financial Literacy Team

Professor Nathalie Martin

Professor Nathalie Martin is the Faculty Administrator and Founder. An expert in predatory lending and consumer law issues, Professor Martin holds the Frederick M. Hart Chair in Consumer and Clinical Law at UNM’s School of Law.

Matthew Bernstein

Matthew Bernstein, Juris Doctorate Candidate 2014, taught English, history and economics at Amy Biehl High School in Albuquerque. He holds an M.A. in U.S. History.

Ginger Chouinard

Ginger Chouinard, Juris Doctorate Candidate 2014, worked for 25 years in the credit union industry prior to law school, including conducting financial literacy workshops.

Michael Jasso

Michael Jasso, Juris Doctorate Candidate 2015, brings a decade of teaching experience to the program and is licensed in special education.

Linda Wilson

Linda Wilson, Juris Doctorate Candidate 2014, worked as a bilingual educator prior to law school and provides support for English-language learners.