Natural Resources Journal

Valle VidalStudents try out for the Natural Resources Journal through a competition in the summer after their first year at the UNM School of Law. The editors select 12 students for the NRJ staff, and as 2Ls these students will cite-check articles and write a major paper through the NRJ writing seminar (Advanced Writing in Natural Resources). These students then become NRJ editors as 3Ls, taking on responsibilities for selecting and editing articles for the journal. The NRJ publishes some of the papers written by editors and staff.

The NRJ is the nation's oldest law school journal focusing on natural resource matters. For nearly 50 years, the NRJ has published influential articles on water resources, public lands, energy, endangered species and a wide range of other topics. The NRJ has always been an interdisciplinary journal, examining not only legal issues, but also the scientific, economic and other dimensions of natural resource policy and management. For more information on the NRJ, please contact Professor Reed Benson.