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UNM Law Alumni in DC

A Special Alumni Relationship

The Washington, DC Metro Area boasts the largest group of School of Law alumni outside the state of New Mexico. Our DC area alumni are very connected and engaged with the Law School despite the geographic distance.

Semester in DC Program

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Alumni are critical to the success of the Law School’s Semester in DC program, which was established in 2012. Students are paired with 2-3 mentors who meet with students and provide invaluable guidance. Alumni also invite students to various professional and social events and organize happy hours throughout the semester to give students more opportunities to interact with alumni. Mentors have included Mark Barron (’06), Tequila Brooks (’97), Terry Calvani, Jane Cavanaugh (’95), Rodina Cave, Ann Claassen ('89), Denise Coca ('96), Michael Connelly ('93), Jeff Dennis (‘03), Carrie Frias (‘09), Richard Frias (‘11), John Harte ('96), Jason Hauter ('02), Cesar Korzeniewicz (‘93), Rachel Mangas, Jessica Montoya ('96), Sumita Mukhoty ('88), Anne Noel Occhialino ('98), The Honorable Jimmie Reyna ('78), Rebecca Roose ('04), Chandria Slaughter ('02), David Snead and D’Ontae Sylvertooth (‘11). We are truly grateful to our alumni and friends who have extended our law school’s spirit of student supportiveness to our students during their time in Washington, D.C.

Professor Dave SidhuUNM Law Professor Dave Sidhu has played an integral role in the Semester in DC Program and taught the semester-long course in 2013 while in the Washington area completing a fellowship with the US Supreme Court. Several alumni lent their time and expertise to the program. Class speakers included former professor Norman Bay, Francisco "Paco" Perez ('08), Capt. David Iglesias ('84), Anne Noel Occhialino ('98), Michael Connolly ('93), Sumita Mukhoty ('88), and Denise Coca ('96). Jane Cavanaugh (’95) and Ann Claassen (’89) were also exceptionally dedicated to the program and its students. "It is clear to me that there is a truly wonderful and impressive community of UNM law graduates in the Washington, DC, area, who are eager to give back to the law school by way of helping our students that are in the Nation's Capital," says Sidhu. "The alums were instrumental in ensuring that this year's participating DC Program students felt welcome and supported. The law school has a significant presence in Washington, DC, and our mark on national policies and legal developments will only increase as this program continues to grow." Washington, D.C. area alumni are encouraged to connect with UNM School of Law students participating in the Washington, D.C. Semester Program, working, interning and externing in metro Washington, D.C. and to support Washington-area alumni working to create alumni opportunities and gatherings.

Annual Alumni & Friends Gathering

Each year the Law School hosts a gathering for alumni and friends in the Metro DC area. These gatherings are an opportunity for alumni and friends to visit with the Law School’s dean(s); professors in the area, including Professor Emeritus Ted Occhialino, Professor Sidhu, Professor Max Minzner, Professor Yael Cannon and former professors Norman Bay and Suedeen Kelly; and students participating in the current Semester in DC program. The next gathering is scheduled for:

Friday, December 2nd, 20165:30-7:30 PMLa Tasca

Recruiting Potential Students

Each year, alumni from the area participate in the Law School Admissions Council recruiting fair. Alumni answer questions and encourage prospective students to learn more about what makes a legal education at the UNM School of Law distinctive.


Get involved! To let us know of internship and externship opportunities year-round where you work or have connections, or to contribute support for this programming, please contact Melissa Lobato, Director, Advancement Operations, Alumni & Annual Programs.

For more information regarding our alumni in the Metro DC Area, please send an email to Or visit their groups at   LinkedIn or  Facebook.