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Professor Richard A. Gonzales

Richard Gonzalez

Emeritus Professor of Law
B.A. 1966, University of New Mexico
J.D. 1969, New York University
Member of the California and New Mexico Bars

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Richard Gonzales joined the UNM law faculty in 1976 and before his retirement, split his time evenly between the clinic and the traditional classroom. He has developed a broad range of interests, which he shares with his students.

While he is now emeritus status, he still teaches at the law school from time to time. Historically he taught evidence, employment law and labor law, as well as a first-year course that he designed, entitled, "Lawyering Process," which takes students through a panoply of skills, from interviewing, case development analysis, pleadings and alternative dispute resolution to basic trial skills.

He is the author of Examination of Witnesses , a book for practicing lawyers. He also conducts CLE courses for trial lawyers on evidence subjects.

Prior to joining the law faculty, Gonzales spent seven years with California Rural Legal Assistance, handling cases for indigent farmworkers, then serving as director of litigation.

Courses Previously Taught

  • Employment Law
  • Evidence
  • Labor Law


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