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Faculty by Expertise

The University of New Mexico School of Law faculty brings to the legal arena a broad range of expertise that it regularly contributes to the larger legal community and the state. Professors are available to share their individual expertise when a news event occurs, either locally or nationally.

Following is a comprehensive listing, including telephone numbers and email addresses, of UNM law professors and their areas of expertise. We recommend you leave both a voice and email message when seeking comment.

For help identifying the best faculty member to provide comment or answer questions, please contact UNM School of Law Communications.

Subject AreaFaculty

- A -

Administrative LawReed BensonEileen GaunaJohn LaVelleKevin Washburn
Alternative Dispute ResolutionScott Hughes   
Animal LawMarsha Baum 
(Service Animals)
Antitrust LawAlfred Mathewson   
ArbitrationScott HughesTed Occhialino  
Art LawSherri Burr   

- B -

Bankruptcy LawNathalie Martin   
BioethicsRob SchwartzCarol M. Suzuki  
Business EthicsAlfred Mathewson   
Business LawNathalie MartinAlfred MathewsonSergio Pareja 

- C -

Capital PunishmentJim EllisElizabeth Rapaport  
Child AdvocacyApril LandMike NorwoodCarol M. Suzuki 
Children's Health Law and PolicyMike NorwoodRob Schwartz  
Civil ProcedureTed Occhialino   
Civil Rights 
(Education, post-9/11)
ClemencyElizabeth Rapaport   
Clinical Legal EducationBarbara Creel
(Cultural Literacy)
April Land  
 Alfred MathewsonMike NorwoodCarol M. SuzukiChristine Zuni Cruz
Community Property    
Computer Applications and Internet LawMike Norwood   
Consumer and Commercial LawNathalie Martin   
Constitutional HistoryChris Fritz   
Constitutional LawJim EllisMargaret Montoya  
ContractsNathalie MartinJennifer MooreSergio Pareja 
CopyrightMarsha BaumSherri Burr  
CorporationsAlfred Mathewson   
Criminal JusticeJim EllisJoshua KastenbergElizabeth RapaportLeo Romero
 Kevin Washburn   
Criminal Law in Indian CountryBarbara CreelKevin Washburn  
Cultural PropertySherri Burr   

- D -

Disability LawJim Ellis 
Disaster LawMarsha BaumClifford Villa  
Domestic Violence    

- E -

Economic DevelopmentNathalie MartinAlfred Mathewson  
Economics and the Law    
Elder LawNathalie MartinCarol M. Suzuki  
Election Law    
Employment DiscriminationMargaret Montoya   
Employment LawMargaret Montoya   
Entertainment LawSherri Burr   
Environmental JusticeEileen GaunaClifford Villa  
Environmental LawEileen GaunaDenise FortClifford Villa 
EvidenceBarbara CreelJoshua Kastenberg  
Executive ClemencyElizabeth Rapaport   

- F -

Family LawApril LandCarol M. Suzuki  
Federal Habeas CorpusBarbara Creel 
(National Security)
Federal JurisdictionApril LandKevin Washburn  
Film LawSherri Burr   
Financial Crisis    
Financial LiteracyNathalie Martin   
Financial Markets and Regulation    

- G -

Gambling Law    
Gaming LawKevin Washburn   
Global WarmingDenise Fort   
Government Ethics    

- H -

Health LawNathalie MartinRob Schwartz  
Health Law Ethics and PolicyRob Schwartz   
Human RightsJennifer Moore   

- I -

Immigration LawJennifer MooreGloria Valencia-Weber  
Indian Civil RightsBarbara Creel   
Indian GamingJohn LaVelleKevin Washburn  
Indian Habeas CorpusBarbara Creel   
Indian LawBarbara CreelJohn LaVelleGloria Valencia-WeberChristine Zuni Cruz
 Kevin Washburn   
Indian TaxJohn LaVelle   
Information Technology and the LawMarsha Baum   
Intellectual PropertyMarsha BaumSherri Burr  
International Business TransactionsAlfred MathewsonSergio Pareja  
International Employment LawMargaret Montoya   
International Family Law    
International LawSherri BurrJennifer MooreElizabeth Rapaport 
International Law and Indigenous PeopleGloria Valencia-WeberChristine Zuni Cruz  

- J -

Judicial SelectionLeo RomeroKevin Washburn  
JurisprudenceChris FritzElizabeth Rapaport  

- K -


- L -

Latinos and the LawMargaret Montoya  
Law and MedicineMargaret Montoya   
Law and SocietyNathalie MartinMargaret MontoyaElizabeth Rapaport 
Law Libraries and ArchivesMichelle Rigual   
Legal EducationLeo RomeroPeter Winograd  
Legal EthicsMarsha BaumElizabeth Rapaport  
Legal HistoryChris FritzJoshua Kastenberg  
Legal WritingSteven HomerDavid Stout  

- M -

Media: TV and RadioSherri BurrMargaret Montoya  
Mental Disabilities, Mental Health and the LawJim Ellis   

- N -

National Security LawJoshua KastenbergElizabeth Rapaport  
Natural Resources LawReed BensonDenise Fort  

- O -


- P -

Pipeline Programs / Partnerships with Public SchoolsMargaret Montoya   
Popular Culture and the LawSherri BurrMargaret Montoya  
Professional ResponsibilityMike NorwoodElizabeth Rapaport  
Property and the LawMarsha BaumChris FritzEileen Gauna 

- Q -


- R -

Race and the LawMargaret Montoya  
Real Estate LawNathalie Martin   
Refugee and Asylum LawJennifer Moore   

- S -

SalesMarsha BaumFred Hart  
Securities Law    
Sikhs in America    
Sports LawAlfred Mathewson   
State Constitutional History and LawChris Fritz   

- T -

Tax LawAlfred MathewsonSergio Pareja  
Terrorism and the LawElizabeth Rapaport   
Tort LawMargaret MontoyaTed OcchialinoRob Schwartz 
Trademark LawMarsha Baum   
Tribal CourtsChristine Zuni Cruz   

- U -

Urban Poverty    

- V -


- W -

Water LawReed Benson   
Water PolicyDenise Fort   
Weather in U.S. Law and SocietyMarsha Baum   
Wills and TrustsSherri BurrSergio Pareja  
Women's RightsElizabeth Rapaport   

- X -


- Y -


- Z -