Experiential Learning


Students gain valuable practical skills in a real-world setting while working with a supervising attorney. Externs confront actual legal problems and analyze and explore the various roles that lawyers or legal institutions play in their communities. Externships are intended to supplement and complement the knowledge and experience students receive in the Law Practice Clinic and in their other law school courses.

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Criminal Law in Practice

Led by Professor Leo Romero, this class consists of a classroom and field experience component. Prof. Romero is assisted by four adjuncts: two adjuncts assigned to the course by the Bernalillo County Public Defender’s Office and two assigned by the 13th Judicial District Attorney’s office.

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DWI and Domestic Violence Prosecution in Practice

This class consists of a classroom and field experience component which educates and prepares students to address the specific needs of DWI and Domestic Violence prosecution in the state. Students completing the course will have the essential skills required to pursue careers in the criminal law field.

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Appellate Law in Practice

Students work one-on-one with established and talented New Mexico appellate attorneys in the Appellate Division of the Public Defender. They work on actual pending appeals and prepare pleadings, while covering in symposium-style topics such as brief writing, oral argument, summary calendar process, appellate ethics, appellate jurisdiction, standards of review and more.

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Innocence & Justice Seminar

Students in the Innocence and Justice seminar study the systemic causes of wrongful convictions in the context of real-life actual innocence case studies from around the country. Under the supervision of a research professor, students conduct investigations and pursue cases of people who claim they’re innocent.

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Any students in the above courses who are representing actual clients do so under the close supervision of faculty or practicing attorneys.