Study Abroad for UNM Law Students

UNM Student in Mexico CityLed by the Madrid Summer Law Institute, study-abroad opportunities for UNM law students can take them nearly anywhere they'd like to go.

They can study abroad during the summer after their first or second year, or for one or two semesters during their second or third year. For semester exchanges, the application deadlines are September 15 for the spring semester and February 15 for the fall semester. Through the university's direct exchange agreements with schools around the world, UNM law students pay the same tuition and fees to study abroad as they do to attend law school at UNM. For details on study abroad opportunities through these agreements, visit UNM Study Abroad Programs.

Additional study-abroad opportunities are available through American Bar Association-approved programs.

Subject to ABA rules and UNM law school approval, students can make individual arrangements to study at a foreign law school not covered by the above programs or exchange agreements. UNM law students pay the program-specific tuition and fees for these programs.

Getting Started

ABA criteria limit eligibility for study abroad to 2L and 3L students in good academic standing. Thus the first step for students interested in studying abroad is to contact the Registrar to verify good academic standing. Students must be in good academic standing when applying and right before departure. Once good academic standing is verified, the next step is to meet with Program Director Daniel Ortega ( or 505-277-5723) to discuss your interest.