Black Law Students Association Logo

Article I


This organization shall be known as the Black Law Student Association (hereinafter referred to as "Organization" or "BLSA").



The purpose of the Organization shall be to utilize the collective resources of the member chapters to:

  1. Articulate and promote the professionals needs and goals of black law students;
  2. Foster and encourage professional competence;
  3. Focus upon the relationship of the black law student and the black attorney;
  4. Instill in the black attorney and law student a greater awareness and commitment to the needs of the black community;
  5. Influence the legal community to bring about meaningful change to meet the needs of the black community;
  6. Adopt and implement a policy of economic independence; encourage black law students to pursue careers in the judiciary; and do all things necessary and appropriate to accomplish these purposes.



Section I

Eligibility for Membership: General Membership shall consist of any matriculated law student at the University of New Mexico School of Law who agrees to adhere to the purpose of the Organization.

Section II

Classification of Membership:

  1. Active membership of this Organization shall consist of any student who has fulfilled the payment of its dues obligations for that fiscal year, which entitles them to all rights and privileges of this Organization defined herein.
  2. Honorary membership shall be extended to any person nominated by the general membership and approved by a simple majority vote of the executive Board.

Section III

Rights of Membership: Only Active members of the Organization shall have the right to vote, the right to hold office, or the right to represent this Organization in the official capacity. Honorary members may participate in all activities of the Organization except those enumerated in this section. Associate members may participate as non-voting members in all other activities of this Association.

Section IV

Duties of Membership: Regular participation in the activities of this Organization is incumbent upon each member.

Payment of Dues: In order to constitute active membership, as stated in Article III, Section II (A), each member shall remit payment of dues. Dues shall be submitted no later than December 1st of each year. The amount of the dues required of each member shall be determined by the governing body.



Section I

Eligibility of Officers: Persons eligible to hold an office of the Executive Board (hereinafter referred to as the "Board") of this Organization must be an active member of the Organization for the entire term.

Financing: This Organization shall be financed primarily by dues, fundraising activities and donations.

Section II

Classification of Officers: The Officers of this Organization shall be a President, Vice-President, Secretary and a Treasurer. These Officers shall perform duties prescribed by the Bylaws and by the parliamentary authority adopted by this Organization.

Section III

Election of Officers: The Officers shall be elected by a majority of the voting members.

Section IV

Terms of Office: The Officers shall hold office for a term of one (1) year. A term of office shall commence May 1st and shall terminate April 30th of the following year.



Organization Meetings: The Organization shall meet at least once a month. In case of emergency or urgent matters, any officer shall call a meeting no later than 24 hours before anticipated time. Meetings may be announced via posted flyer, word of mouth, and/or Email.


A quorum of the Organization shall consist of a simple majority.



Legislation: All legislation of the Organization will be initiated by the Officers and adopted by a simple majority vote by the membership.



Section I

Adoption: The Constitution and Bylaws of the Organization shall be adopted by a simple majority vote by the membership.

Section II

Amendments: Any amendment(s) must be adopted by a simple majority vote of the membership.

  1. Amendments to the Constitution or Bylaws shall be passed according to the rules et forth in Subsection A (1) and (2) below:
    1. Constitutional Amendments shall be passed upon receiving a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the membership.
    2. Bylaws Amendments shall be passed upon receiving a simple majority vote of the membership.
  2. Constitutional and Bylaw Amendments to the Constitution shall be ratified and take effect immediately upon adoption by a simple majority of the membership.