Business and Tax Law Curriculum

The UNM School of Law offers a variety of courses on business and tax law. Since not all courses are taught every semester, students are advised to plan their schedules carefully to accommodate courses of particular interest.

  • Advanced Bankruptcy (D)
  • Advanced Commercial and Consumer Law (D)
  • Antitrust Law (C)
  • Bankruptcy (B)
  • Business Associations I (B)
  • Business Associations II (D)
  • Business Planning (C)
  • Consumer Law (D)
  • Contract Design & Drafting (D)
  • Corporate Governance (D)
  • Economic Development in Indian Country (D)
  • Economic Development for Small Business (D)
  • Estate and Retirement Planning (D)
  • Ethics of the Business Lawyer (D)
  • Federal Estate and Gift Tax (C)
  • Federal Income Tax (B)
  • Financial Literacy (D)
  • Government Regulation of Banking (D)
  • Indian Tax (C)
  • Insurance Law (B)
  • International Business Ethics (D)
  • International Business Transactions (C)
  • Labor Law (B)
  • Law and Economics (D)
  • Law Office Management (D)
  • Payment Systems (B)
  • Problems in Commercial Transactions (D)
  • Non-Profit Corporations (D)
  • Real Estate Transactions (C)
  • Remedies (B)
  • Sales of Goods (B)
  • Secured Transactions (B)
  • Sports Law (D)
  • State and Local Tax (D)
  • Taxation of Business Enterprises (C)
  • Tax Exempt Organizations (D)

A = offered every semester
B = offered one semester every year
C = offered every other year
D = offered when student interest and faculty availability allow