Fall Semester To-Do Checklist


The ABA requires law schools to collect official transcripts verifying all credits attempted and all degrees conferred. If you applied to law school before completion of your degree (undergraduate, graduate, or professional), you must submit a final copy of your transcript with proof that your degree was granted no later than August 1, 2023.

Official transcripts must be sent through the LSAC Credential Assembly Service. Transcripts sent directly to the UNM School of Law will not be accepted.

Failure to complete this requirement may impact your ability to receive your class schedule for the Fall 2023 semester.

All UNM students must have a NET ID. A NET ID is used with a password to access on-line library materials, buy a parking permit, and access My UNM, the UNM computer and network services portal. Please note: Once you are admitted to the UNM School of Law, it can take several weeks for your information to be completely entered in the UNM system. We recommend you wait at least three weeks after receiving your admission notification before creating your Net ID.

Once you have created a NetID and your UNM email address is working, please send an email to lsregistrar@law.unm.edu with your first and last name from your UNM email address.

From My UNM you have access to a wide range of academic and student services including:

  • Register and review class schedules
  • Print unofficial transcripts
  • Apply and review your financial aid; set up payment plans
  • Set up direct deposit for financial aid and scholarship refunds
  • Review and pay on your student account
  • Review and update contact information such as address, phone, e-mail, emergency contact

To create your NetID, please visit the University's IT NetID website. Before creating your NetID please be aware that:

  • Net IDs must have a minimum of three (3) characters and no more than eight (8)
  • All characters must be lowercase
  • First character must be a letter
  • Subsequent characters can be letters or numbers; no special characters are allowed
  • Can be all or part of your name, or any word or phrase you choose

If you have applied for financial aid, please review the following steps:

If you have been awarded a Merit or a Named Scholarship from the Law School:

  • Return the Scholarship Award Response Form to the Admissions & Financial Aid Office by mail or by email at financialaid@law.unm.edu by the response deadline posted on the form received with the award letter. These scholarships will be posted to your student account prior to New Student Orientation.

If you have been awarded student loans:

  • Complete your entrance counseling and master promissory note at https://studentaid.gov/.
  • Verify and accept your student loans on MyUNM
  • Sign an “Authorization to Pay Allowable Charges” form, which authorizes UNM to use your financial aid to pay for allowable charges such as tuition and fees. The form may be downloaded from the Student Financial Aid Office website, and submitted to the Law School’s Financial Aid Officer.
  • Access LoboWeb through MyUNM to view the status of your financial aid file.
    • Look under “Unsatisfied Requirements” to see if there are any additional documents required to complete your financial aid file.

If you have been awarded work-study:

  • Work-study positions and general student employment opportunities may be found online through the UNMJobs website.
  • Please review the Student Employment website for information regarding University policies, how to accept your work-study award, and the student employment handbook.

If you have been awarded a scholarship not administered by the Law School or the University:

  • You are responsible for notifying the Office of Admissions & Financial Aid of any outside scholarship that you may have been awarded by emailing financialaid@law.unm.edu or by submitting a copy of the award notification to the Law School’s Financial Aid Officer.

Optional: go to AccessLex's website and explore different financial aid resources offered by Max. You can also go to Ask EDNA, register, browse the course options, and take the 1L Intro course (and others) to be entered into a drawing to win a scholarship.

All UNM students need to have a Lobo Card, the official UNM identification card. The Lobo Card functions as a photo ID and grants you access to UNM's facilities and services such as Johnson Gym and the Health Center, and allows you to check out books and materials from the libraries.

You can get your Lobo Card at the Lobo Card Office, located on main campus in the Student Union Building (SUB) Plaza Level Suite 1077. The Lobo Card office is open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m.-4:45 p.m. Have your UNM ID number and picture ID with you. Your UNM ID number is accessible through your Lobo Web account.

A current UNM Student ID is required to purchase textbooks tax-free at the Medical/Legal Bookstore. You will also use your ID to access the facilities and services on main campus. A current UNM Student ID provides you with free City of Albuquerque bus service as well. Get your LoboCard today by visiting the LoboCard Office, on the 1st floor of the Student Union Building (building 60 on the campus map), Suite 1077. Hours of operation are Monday - Friday, 8:00 am to 4:45 pm (except for University holidays). Please have your UNM ID number when you come in. You can get answers to your LoboCard questions by using our website or by calling the LoboCard Office at 505-277-9970.

UNM School of Law requires all entering students to own a portable (notebook or laptop) computer. The law school does not require a particular laptop brand but has determined a minimum hardware configuration. Click here for laptop requirements and specifications. Including the cost of your laptop in your cost of attendance budget for your first academic year can increase your budget, allowing you to borrow the funds to finance it. Up to $2,000 can be added to your cost of attendance budget for the academic year. The $2,000 may include:

  • The computer purchase
  • Software needed to support the computer (i.e. Microsoft Office, Anti-Virus software, etc.)
  • Sales tax
  • Warranty for the computer
  • Necessary hardware (i.e. printer, etc.)

You cannot include the following in the cost of attendance budget:

  • Entertainment software
  • Classes for computer use

You will need to submit a receipt for your purchase.

The receipt:

  • Cannot have someone else's name on it
  • Can only add the paid amount to your cost of attendance
  • Has to have the date of purchase
  • Has to be an itemized description of purchase
  • Has to have the name of company the computer was purchased from

If you would like to have the purchase of your laptop added to your cost of attendance, please contact the School of Law’s Financial Aid Officer prior to making your purchase. Laptops financed through financial aid may not be purchased prior to August 1 if they are to be included in your cost of attendance.

Get your law school portrait taken before Orientation. You are required to have your picture taken so that your professors and others in the law school community will be able to learn your names.

Photos are available beginning on August 1 and ending on August 16 in the School of Law Media Services Office (room 1505). No appointment is necessary, but you must arrive Monday through Friday, between 9:00 am and Noon or 1:00 pm to 4:00. When you arrive at the School of Law, follow signs for "Student Photos". Please dress as you would when appearing in court.

It is extremely important to have your photo taken during these dates, if at all possible, however, for students who aren’t in the local area during these dates, please plan to have your photo taken during the first day of Orientation.

Permits are sold to students just prior to the beginning of the fall semester through the Department of Parking & Transportation Services (PATS). The law school parking lot requires an “L” permit for automobiles and motorcycles. Limited metered parking is available, as are designated handicap spaces. Due to space constraints in the L parking lot, some portion of the available parking permits will be made available through a lottery to first year law students.

Students who are not selected as a part of the lottery process or who do not purchase their permits by the specified deadline will be eligible to purchase G or Q permits. The UNM Shuttle system runs frequently between both the G and Q parking lots and the School of Law. Information on when incoming students will be able to purchase parking permits will be sent to you by the Office of Admissions & Financial Aid.

For more information on commuting to campus, please visit our website.

It is long, but the School of Law Bulletin and Handbook Policies goes over all of our policies and processes, and provides detailed information about the law school including information on admissions and academics.

Admitted applicants who intend to practice law should be aware that admission to the bar in all states involves character, fitness and other qualifications. Applicants are encouraged to determine what those requirements are in the state(s) in which they intend to practice by consulting the website of the National Conference of Bar Examiners at http://www.ncbex.org.

We encourage you to be fully aware of these requirements prior to investing time and resources in pursuing your legal education; please visit our website for further information.

Orientation is mandatory for all incoming first-year students. As part of orientation you will be attending your first law school class. Orientation is currently scheduled for August 18th, 19th, and 20th 2021. The agenda can be found here: Fall 2022 Orientation Schedule.

If you are entitled to accommodations please contact Bonnie Stepleton prior to orientation.