Healthcare, Counseling and Insurance

Service through the Student Health and Counseling Center (SHAC) is available to all UNM students. Services include primary medical care, walk-in clinic, pharmacy, women's and men's health, allergy and immunization, medical specialty clinics, physical therapy, lab and X-ray, travel health clinic, counseling, health education and prevention.

Students are not required to have health insurance to be seen. SHC services, in part, are subsidized by student activity fees, therefore, costs at the SHAC are typically lower than community rates. Fees will range depending on services; however, general appointment/walk-in costs are $15-$20 dollars.

The SHAC is located on Main Campus just north of Johnson Center and across the mall from the Student Union Building.

Counseling Services

Some students experience stress while in law school. There is excellent care available through Counseling Services at SHAC. The first two individual sessions are free.

UNM/Student Health Insurance

There will not be a student health insurance voluntary plan for 2016/2017 policy year. We encourage students to go out onto the Exchange (if they have a qualifying event) and purchase insurance. Please visit to see the options available. If you are a resident of New Mexico you may qualify for a Centennial plan, which is the new Medicaid. SHAC has health care guides that can help students enroll into the Centennial plan. Please call 277-8000 or 277-7943 to schedule an appointment.

Community Healthcare

The Student Health Center provides information on Albuquerque area health providers and options for after-hours healthcare at

The following are the major hospitals in the Albuquerque area: