The application, and requested attachments, should be received by the Chair of the Judicial Nomination Commission no later than 5:00 p.m. by the deadline listed in the announcement for this vacancy. Upon submission, the application is considered a public document and open for inspection by anyone. If you wish to disclose information that you think should be confidential, you may do so in a separate letter marked "CONFIDENTIAL" as described in the "Separate Documents" section of the application.

  • As the form has recently been revised, all applicants are strongly encouraged to download and complete the application available from this website. PDF version is also available.
  • Handwritten applications will not be accepted.
  • Electronic submissions are welcome with electronic signatures in the requisite areas.
  • If an applicant does not have an electronic signature, pages requiring them may be printed, signed and emailed to the Judicial Selection office, while the remainder of the application materials may be submitted via e-mail attachment.
  • Receipt of all applications will be acknowledged via email.
  • Please keep a copy for your records. Requests for copies of applications will be handled by the Judicial Selection office in the manner of all public records requests, and filled at the cost of $0.25 per page plus any necessary mailing costs.

Application Format

The application is a word document, largely in table format. Some answers have been put in a specific format; you may insert, delete, or copy rows as necessary.

Save the application document to your computer, fill in the optional prompts, complete the application, and email it, along with any attachments, to be received by the specified deadline to