The Selection Process

Commission Meeting

The Constitution requires the Judicial Selection Office to submit a list of nominees to the Governor within 30 days of a vacancy. Upon notification of a judicial vacancy the Office, in consultation with the Chief Justice of the NM Supreme Court, then sets the date of the commission meeting.

The Commission meeting is open to the public. A candidate may attend the meeting and the interviews of the other applicants after his or her interview is completed. The session following the interviews may be closed to candidates and the public.

The Commission meeting includes public input as well as candidate interviews. Members of the public may speak on behalf of or against any applicant during the opening portion of the meeting, prior to the first interview. Such comments are limited to five minutes.

The Application asks for up to five letters of recommendation. The letters may be sent directly to the applicant so that they may be included in the application packet, or they may be mailed directly to the Selection Office. Additional letters after five will not be distributed to the Commissioners. Additional letters (up to five) received after the packets have been distributed to the Commissioners will be made available to them at the Commission meeting. In addition, the Judicial Selection Office provides each Commissioner at the meeting with a list of individuals writing on behalf of each candidate.

Meeting Agenda

The agenda for the Commission meeting includes the following items:

  • Call to Order
  • Determination of Quorum
  • Oath
  • Adoption of Agenda
  • Report of the Chair
  • Adoption of Schedule of Interviews
  • Adoption of Evaluation Criteria
  • Public Comment
  • Interviews
  • Deliberations
  • Public Vote

Op-Ed on Transparency in Judicial Selection

Comments on the Merit Selection Process from a Co-Sponsor of the Constitutional Amendment