Outstanding Student Papers


Raymond W. Schowers Prize
Javier Garcia
"Creating a Bivens Actions for Noncitizen Detainees Restrained Indiscriminately During Removal Proceedings."

Helen S. Carter Prize
William Scott Rode
"The Problem of the Injured Rescuer: Rescue Without Law"


Raymond W. Schowers Prize
Jeffrey Randy Taylor
"The Constitutional Catch-22 of Bipartisanship Requirements"

Helen S. Carter Prize
Xochitl Torres-Small
"Water Use and Recycling in Hydraulic Fracturing: Creating a Regulatory Pilot for Smarter Water Use in the West"


Helen S. Carter Prize & Raymond W. Schowers Prize
Emily Carey ('14)


Helen S. Carter Prize
Kevin Grzebielski (`13)
“He’s the One!:  A Case for Eyewitness Identification Reform in New Mexico.”

No Raymond W. Schowers Award was presented.


Raymond W. Schowers Prize
Eugenia Lindsey (`11)
“An Evolution of the Free Exercise Clause: How the Free Exercise Clause Has Been Weakened and Why Courts Should Take Notice.”

Helen S. Carter Prize
Gregory Cole (`11)
“Child Soldiers and the US Persecutor Bar: Keeping Those in Need Out of the Country.”


Raymond W. Schowers Prize
Hajra Malik (`10)
“Raiding The American Workplace: Federal Preemption and State Rights in Curbing Unlawful Alien Employment.”

Helen S. Carter Prize
Gabriela Ibañez Guzmán (`10)
“Arraigo Social: Bringing Spanish `Rootedness’ to the United States as a Model for Immigration Reform.”


Raymond W. Schowers Prize
Kevin Pierce (`09)
“Out with the New, In with the Old: Reconsidering the Analytical Framework for Excessive Force Claims Created in Cortez v. McCauley.”

Helen S. Carter Prize
Kate Fitz Gibbon (`09)
“Dangerous Objects: Museums and Antiquities in 2008.”


Raymond W. Schowers Prize
Karl Reifsteck (`08)
“Words Felt ‘Round the World: Searching for a Balance between Free Speech and Genocide Prevention.”

Helen S. Carter Prize
Kristina Fisher (`08)
“The Colonia and the Landfill: Colonias Development Council v. Rhino Environmental Services, Inc.”

Don G. McCormick Prize
Aristide Chakeres (`08)
“The Tension Between Sovereign Immunity and Popular Sovereignty.”


Helen S. Carter Prize
Diane Albert (`07)
“Government-funded Software: Should it Reside in the Public Domain or be Owned by the Private Contractors That Created It?”

Raymond W. Schowers Prize
Patrick Mason (`06)
“Comparative Constitutional Law: A Comparison of Protections for Religious Freedom in the Public Schools of Malta and the United States.”