For the Non-Law Student

The UNM School of Law encourages interdisciplinary perspectives. UNM graduate students who are in a master's program and who have a sophisticated understanding of the subject are welcome into some second and third year classes.

Many graduate students have done very well in law school classes, enriching themselves and other students. Non-degree graduate students are not eligible for law classes.

Permission to take the class is at the discretion of the instructor and should be made directly by emailing the instructor teaching the desired course. The email should include why the student wants to take the class, along with relevant background information to substantiate expertise in the subject area.

Electives are designed for students who have had at least a year of law school and are familiar with legal procedure and concepts that may be the basis for class materials. Professors rarely have time to explain these concepts to non-law students during class. A determining factor of admission to the class is based on assessing the level of difficulty that a non-law student may experience.

Once instructor permission has been obtained to take a class, the non-law student should contact the Registrar for enrollment information.

Law-school credits earned before matriculation to the J.D. program cannot be applied to a J.D. degree.