About the Master of Studies in Law Degree

The Master of Studies in Law (MSL) is a new graduate degree program that offers a condensed legal education for those who do not need or want a law degree. It’s designed for mid-career professionals and recent college graduates who want to enhance their career with legal education relevant to their field or interests.

A required introductory course in the first fall semester provides background in the U.S. legal system and the study of law. Otherwise, you will take upper-division law classes related to your interests. There are optional concentrations in Indian Law or in Natural Resources and Environmental Law, and you may take up to 6 hours of graduate-level courses in other departments.

Quick Facts:

 Fall 2024
Number of

No GRE, LSAT, or entrance exam required

Student Learning Outcomes for the MSL Degree

  • Understand cases decided by courts, statutes passed by legislatures, and regulations issued by administrative agencies
  • Learn how the legal system addresses particular situations
  • Learn legal principles applicable to your job or interests
  • Gain a better understanding of how the law works and how to use it

Employers from a variety of sectors in New Mexico strongly support the new MSL degree program. They agree that the MSL offers valuable and practical training.

The UNM Law School is New Mexico's only provider of degree programs in law. With an MSL degree, you will gain uncommon knowledge and skills that will distinguish you at your workplace. You will have legal education that is generally available only to Juris Doctor students.

The MSL is customizable. You'll take one required 4-credit introductory class and choose 26 credit hours of law classes related to your job, interests, area of concentration, or area of focus. Up to 6 hours of graduate-level classes in other departments can count toward the 26 credit hours of law classes.

The MSL program offers concentrations in Indian Law or Natural Resources and Environmental Law.

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