Procedures for Late Examinations

It is the policy of the law school that students present themselves for examinations at the scheduled time. The Registrar may permit a student with sufficient reason to take an examination at a later date. 

The following include but are not limited to reasons that will be considered in granting relief:

  1. An absolute examination conflict,
  2. Documented medical incapacity,
  3. Religious observance,
  4. Death or documented serious medical emergency of a close family member,
  5. Automobile accident, assault, robbery or similar traumatic experience at the time of the exam or period immediately preceding the exam,
  6. Childbirth that interferes with exam or period immediately preceding the exam (applies to either parent),
  7. Military commitment: written military orders required,
  8. Extraordinary family circumstances.

Requests for an exam deferral must be in writing accompanied by satisfactory documentation of the reasons. Students should be prepared to provide complete documentation, which is subject to verification and approval. Documentation must be presented to the Registrar within three days of the granted request. If a student’s file shows that he or she has previously deferred one or more examinations for reasons other than exam conflicts, another deferral examination will be granted in only extraordinary circumstances.

The following include but not limited to reasons a request to defer exams will be denied:

  1. Travel
  2. To attend a conference
  3. Weddings
  4. Moving
  5. Personal
  6. Social plans
  7. Employment reasons

A student who cannot take an examination on the specified date should notify the Registrar immediately. DO NOT DIRECTLY CONTACT THE INSTRUCTOR SINCE THIS MAY JEOPARDIZE THE ANONYMITY OF THE EXAM PROCESS. Notice should be given as soon as the student realizes an emergency or problem and, if possible, prior to the day on which the particular examination is given.

A student shall receive the grade of “Incomplete” for an examination that is missed after obtaining permission to do so. The examination shall be taken within 10 calendar days of the missed examination, whether or not the student has remained enrolled. In exceptional circumstances, a student may petition the Registrar for a later examination date, at which time the student and Registrar will set a time for the examination to be taken by the student but the time period shall not exceed 30 days after the scheduled examination date. Failure to remove the “Incomplete” by the specified time will result in the grade of “F” for the course.

All late examinations are graded on a “Credit”, “C-“, “D+”, “D”, “D-“, “F” basis. A student who misses an examination without first obtaining permission shall receive the grade of “F” for that course. The student shall have the right to petition the Dean or Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and to show just cause why he or she should be given the grade of “Incomplete”. The dean or associate dean shall decide whether the reason for missing the examination was serious enough to allow the student to receive the grade of “Incomplete” instead of “F”.