Dean's Circle

The School of Law Dean's Circle has had many iterations over the years. Dean's Circle members include alumni and friends who contribute two thousand dollars or more during the calendar year.

This year we recognize you and all who have supported the University of New Mexico School of Law. Your membership in the Dean's Circle exemplifies the value you place on the importance of a LEGAL EDUCATION and our STUDENTS' SUCCESS.

Our law school is proud of its unique history and traditions that foster a community of supportiveness and inclusivity. We look forward to working toward a promising future together. FOR ALL YOU DO, THANK YOU.

2022 Dean’s Circle Members:


  • Ms. Carolyn J. Abeita
    Ms. Samantha Adams and Mr. Arlyn Crow
    Mr. Daniel Anchondo
    Ms. Bobbie Batley and Mr. William Stevens, Jr.
    Ms. Deborah Berardinelli
    Ms. Ruth Singer and Professor Michael Browde
    Ms. Meryl Burgin and Mr. Harold Burgin
    Ms. Emily Caplan Stephenson
    Ms. Jane Cavanaugh and Mr. Michael Gaffney
    Ms. Jennifer Cervantes and Senator Joseph Cervantes
    Gayle Chacon, MD
    Mr. Nathan Cobb
    Mr. Alfred Creecy
    Ms. Lisa Curtis and Mr. Robert Curtis
    Mr. Nicholas Davis
    Ms. Vicki Dazzo and Mr. Sam Dazzo, Jr.
    Ms. Deborah Dixon and Mr. Gerald Dixon
    Ms. Barbara Felker Stromquist
    Ms. Ella Joan Fenoglio
    Ms. Jane Gagne and Mr. Norman Gagne
    Ms. Becky Gochman
    Mr. Robert Hanson
    Ms. Leslie Harris and Mr. Charles Patton
    The Honorable Alisa Hart and Mr. F. Michael Hart
    Ms. Rufina Hernandez-Prewitt and Mr. Roger Hernandez-Prewitt
    Dr. Karen Hickman and Mr. J. Gary Hickman
    Ms. Rachel Higgins and Mr. Thell Thomas
    Mr. Charles Hire
    Ms. Szu-Han Ho
    Mr. Roderick Honstein
    Ms. Darlene Hyer and Mr. Calvin Hyer, Jr.
    Mr. Joseph Isaac
    The Honorable Roderick Kennedy
    Ms. Dana Marie and Mr. Eric Knapp
    Mr. Sam Legate
    Ms. Sandra Little and Mr. Gordon Little
    Ms. Katie Marion
    Ms. Kimberley Martinez and Mr. David Martinez
    Ms. Pamelya Herndon and Professor Alfred Mathewson
    Patricia McFeeley, MD and The Honorable Mark McFeeley
    Ms. Randi McGinn
    Ms. Sabieann Baca Minzner and Mr. Richard Minzner
    Professor Jennifer Moore
    Cerianne Mullins, Esquire and Mr. James Braun
    Ms. Cecelia Niemczyk and Dr. Thomas Niemczyk
    Representative William O'Neill
    Ms. Shannon Oliver and Mr. Joseph Kennedy
    Evonne Olson, PhD and Mr. Thomas Olson
    Ms. Susan Page and Mr. Mark Pallardy
    Ms. Janice Parker
    Ms. Kathryn Parnall and Professor Theodore Parnall
    Ms. Karen Peifer and Mr. Charles Peifer
    Mr. Richard Rammer
    Ms. Mary Ann Sweeney and Mr. Edward Ricco
    Ms. Cynthia Roberts and Mr. Tommy Roberts
    Ms. Faith Roessel and Mr. Matthew Slater
    Ms. Rebekah Gallegos and Mr. Julio Romero
    Ms. Robin Romero and Professor Leo Romero
    Ms. Terri Salazar and Mr. John Salazar
    Ms. Maureen Sanders
    Mr. James Scherr
    Ms. Christine Scholl and Mr. Steve Scholl
    Mr. Benjamin Sherman
    Ms. Rebecca Sigler and Mr. Lanny Sigler
    The Honorable Rebecca Sitterly
    Mr. Jeff Spiegel
    Ms. Patricia Stelzner and Mr. Luis Stelzner
    Ms. Mary Malwitz and Professor David Stout
    Herta Teitelbaum, PhD
    Ms. Jan Tepper and Mr. Bradley Tepper
    Ms. Kelly Smyer and Mr. Bruce Thompson
    Mr. Garrett Thornburg
    Ms. Mary Utton
    Professor Peter A. Winograd

Firms, Foundations, & Trusts

  • ACLU of New Mexico
    ACTEC Foundation
    AccessLex Institute
    Adams+Crow, PC
    Albuquerque Community Foundation
    Batley Family Law, P. A.
    Ben Sherman Law, LLC
    Cervantes Law Firm, PC
    Curtis & Co. Law Firm
    Daniel Anchondo, Attorney at Law, PC
    Davis Law New Mexico
    Dazzo Family Revocable Trust
    Dixon, Scholl & Carrillo, PA
    The Fine Law Firm
    Flores, Tawney, Acosta, PC
    Frank C. Hibben Charitable Trust
    Friends of the UNM School of Law
    James F. Scherr, PC
    Jenner & Block
    Joseph G Isaac, PC
    Keller & Keller, LLC
    Kennedy Law Firm
    LK Curtis Children's Foundation
    Law Office Of Nathan Cobb, LLC
    M'Tucci's Italian
    Martinez, Hart, Sanchez & Romero, PC
    McGinn, Montoya, Love & Curry, PA
    Modrall, Sperling, Roehl, Harris & Sisk, PA
    Montgomery & Andrews, PA
    National Conference Bar Examiners (NCBE)
    New Mexico Hispanic Bar Association Foundation
    Nusenda Credit Union
    Nusenda Credit Union Foundation
    PNM Resources
    Peak Legal Group, LLC
    Peifer, Hanson, Mullins & Baker, PA
    Rodey, Dickason, Sloan, Akin & Robb, PA
    Sam Legate, PC
    Slater-Roessel Family Fund
    State Bar of New Mexico
    Thornburg Foundation
    U.S. Charitable Gift Trust
    United Nations Foundation, Inc.
    Utton Living Trust
    The Woodtiger Fund
    XTO Energy, Inc.

For questions please contact Robbie Fontenot, Director of Development.