Certificate Program


  • Complete the Indian Law Certificate Program Record of Completion Form; it will serve as the primary document for establishing that you qualify for the certificate.
  • Submit the form to the Program Administrator, office 3405; phone 277-0405.
  • After an advisor is assigned, a copy of the Record of Completion is given to your advisor.
  • Keep a copy for your records. As you select courses, you and your advisor will document your coursework and any changes.

Once you have submitted your Record of Completion to the Program Coordinator, the ILC Committee will assign you an advisor. The advisors for the certificate are Professors Barbara Creel, John LaVelle, Gloria Valencia-Weber , Jeanette Wolfley and Christine Zuni Cruz. We will attempt to honor any preference stated on the form. Of course, if you have questions about the program or your course selection before you are assigned an advisor, you should feel free to speak to any member of the ILC committee.


  • Second year students: Formal application must be made by January 31 in the fourth semester of Law School enrollment. This is a firm deadline.
  • First year students may enroll at any time.
  • Enroll now so that you can plan the next two years of coursework.