Student and BabyThe UNM School of Law is dedicated to developing resources and opportunities that meet the unique needs of Native American communities and Native students.

UNM has a rich and supportive Native community of students from throughout Indian Country and all across the United States. During the 2008-09 school year, 16 Indian nations were represented in the 31 Native law students.

Native students come to UNM from a wide variety of backgrounds, ranging from rural and reservation communities to urban centers. Some come to the law school directly from college, but many have succeeded in other careers before studying law. They have a wide variety of undergraduate majors and experience in jobs with organizations ranging from tribal government to Fortune 500 corporations. While many Native students come to UNM specifically to study Indian Law, the law school encourages students to pursue the course of study that best fits their interests and aspirations.

Every fall, the UNM School of Law hosts a convocation and gathering of communities, which celebrates the Native American law students and non-Natives pursuing an Indian Law Certificate.

The UNM chapter of the Native American Law Students Association is active and supportive of Native law students, sponsoring social events and providing academic mentoring.