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When should I start the process?

It depends on how much of the information requested in the Application you already have and how easy it will be to gather the information you do not have. Check the deadlines for submitting your bar application at the New Mexico Board of Bar Examiners deadlines , or by phone. Give yourself plenty of time to gather the required information.

Who should I contact if I have any questions about the required forms?

Contact the New Mexico Board of Bar Examiners.

Where can I obtain New Mexico court, arrest, and traffic records?

You can do a general case look up at New Mexico Courts. You can request your arrest and traffic record from the appropriate police departments.

What if I can’t remember where I lived or the length I lived at an address?

Contact phone, utility, or cable companies to see if they have records of your past addresses. Check with your bank, credit cards, or any other companies that may have records of your address changes. Also check with friends, family, or old roommates to see what address they have for you.

What if I can’t remember an employer or the length of time I was employed?

If you can’t remember the length of time at a job you should try to contact the employer to see if they have records of when you were hired and when you left. If you can’t remember where you were employed you can request a SEQY from your local Social Security Administration office. This will take time, so do it as soon as possible. If you were not employed at any time during the period of time in question you must state so.

Who do I contact about bar preparation programs?

There are several bar preparation programs. The most common are BAR/BRI and PMBR. UNM Law School has student representatives for both programs, or you can contact the programs directly for information regarding each program, course dates, and materials covered.

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