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The University of New Mexico School of Law’s Information Technology Department strives to provide students, faculty and staff with access to the most current information technology available. The department’s commitment to accessibility is intended to aid the legal education of our students, as well as the research and improvement of the state's justice system. Accessibility is its focus, and law school offices, classrooms, and computer workstations are equipped with devices capable of connecting to UNM's high-speed network. The IT Department is located in the Hart Wing, Room 3403.

Computer Use Guidelines

Use of the law school computer equipment is subject to UNM Business and Regents' policies, New Mexico state law and U.S. federal law. The University Business Policies and Procedures Manual provides guidelines for computer use by students, faculty and staff. Section 2500 documents overall acceptable computer use and includes "Computer User Guidelines" (Policy 2510) and "Computer Security Controls and Guidelines" (Policy 2520). Law school computer use policies are located on the law school intranet.

Getting Help

The IT Department, located in the Hart Wing room 3403, can provide help with the following:

  • Configuring laptops to access file sharing, network printing services and wireless network access;
  • Law school email;
  • Installing, testing and troubleshooting exam software provided by the School of Law;
  • Detecting and removing computer viruses, spyware, Trojans and adware;
  • General advice about possible causes of hardware problems and recommendations for third-party service providers;
  • Assistance with personal computer purchases made through the UNM Dell Strategic Partnership.

Student laptop hours vary each semester and are posted outside the IT Department.

Students are advised to purchase antivirus software protection for home use. Free Symantec software is available for download to all UNM students.


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