Student Organizations - Purchase Request Form

If purchasing Goods/Supplies/Merchandise - A quote or invoice for the merchandise must be obtained and submitted with this form. A screenshot of the item along with the price will also suffice. Before the PCard holder can complete the purchase, the PCard Department must first review the quote and grant the PCard holder permission.

If purchasing Food - This request must be made at least two days prior to your event. If your organization is purchasing food for an event or meeting, please keep an attendance sheet for your event and submit it to the Program Coordinator of Student & Career Services —along with any receipts—within one day after the meeting or event.

If purchasing Alcohol for an event – This request must be made 15-30 days in advance. The purchase amount of alcohol may not exceed 30% of the total cost of food for the event. Please indicate your request for alcohol in the field below. Please be aware that an additional alcohol request form is needed to serve alcohol at the law school. Please contact the Program Coordinator of Student & Career Services for more information.

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