Professor Reed Benson Co-authors Water Law Casebook

June 3, 2009

Reed Benson

Professor Reed Benson has Co-authored the sixth edition of Water Resource Management, a casebook in law and public policy, published by Foundation Press. The book is widely used as a textbook in law school classrooms around the country.

The casebook was originally published in 1971, conceived by Charles Meyers, a law professor and lawyer who died in 1988.

"The evolution of this book through six editions reflects the changes in the field of the past four decades...Water is increasingly understood as an integrating resource that links development and preservation demands," the preface reads.

Benson's co-authors are, A. Dan Tarlock, professor at Chicago-Kent College of Law, who co-authored the first edition with the late Professor Charles Meyers in 1971; James Corbridge, Jr., a retired law professor from the University of Colorado and David Getches, professor and currently dean at the University of Colorado School of Law.