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Federal Grant Provides Hefty Boost to Innocence and Justice Project
November 12, 2009
Ever since the UNM School of Law established the Innocence and Justice Project (IJP) in 2001, the requests – more than 750 – have far overwhelmed the ability of law students and volunteer lawyers to keep up.

Professor Leo Romero

Punitive Damages v. Criminal Punishment: Professor Leo Romero Enters the Debate
November 11, 2009
In cases in which punitive damages are awarded, why is the offending conduct not punished criminally? That question propelled Professor Leo Romero into a new area of research, which has resulted in one article and another in progress. His article, "Punitive Damages, Criminal Punishment and Proportionality: The Importance of Legislative Limits", was published in the Connecticut Law Review [41 Conn. L. Rev. 109 (2008)], and has generated broad national interest.

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