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Kevin Washburn

UNM Faculty/Alums attend Indian Law Conference
April 13, 2012
The University of New Mexico School of Law and the American Indian Law Center’s Pre-Law Summer Institute (PLSI) were well-represented at an April meeting at the American Law Institute (ALI) in Washington, D.C.


Split Decision Determines Winner in Annual Advocacy Tournament
April 13, 2012
In a split decision, Michael Hendricks (`14) edged out Ty Wood (`14) to take top honors in the 2012 New Mexico Court of Appeals Advocacy Tournament in April.

Mortgage Debt

NM Homeowners Receive Help on Mortgage Debt
April 9, 2012
The halls and classrooms at the University of New Mexico School of Law were abuzz for a few days during spring break, but the people going in and out of them were not law students heading to class. Instead, they were New Mexico citizens seeking and receiving assistance to their questions about their own mortgage debt.

Dean Alfred Mathewson

Professor Alfred Mathewson Talks Sports at Symposium
April 4, 2012
Professor Alfred Mathewson presented a paper titled, "The Bowl Championship Series, Conference Realignment and the Major College Football Oligopoly: Revolution Not Reform," at a March symposium at the University of Mississippi School of Law.

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