Professor Mathewson Speaks on Gender Equity at Conference

April 14, 2011

Dean Alfred Mathewson

Professor Alfred Mathewson addressed gender equity in college sports in a presentation during a conference at Wake Forest University in mid-April. He was invited to be a presenter on a panel titled, "Title IX and Gender Equity: Increased Opportunity for Women of Color?"

The two-day conference, titled, Losing to Win: Discussions of Race and Intercollegiate Sports, brought together prominent academics, athletic administrators, sports journalists, former student athletes, professional athletes and other professionals who have developed an expertise in sports.

In addition to Mathewson's panel, other panel discussions addressed topics ranging from student-athletes' perceptions of mistreatment, stereotype threat (as applied to non-white student-athletes), concerns related to the recruitment of student-athletes of color and their academic and social integration into top-tier institutions and media portrayals of African American student-athletes.

Mathewson has written several publications regarding intercollegiate athletics, race, commerce and anti-trust.