Professor Sergio Pareja Discusses Expiring Tax Rates in Op-ed

October 26, 2010

Professor Sergio Pareja

The pending expiration of the "Bush tax holiday" was discussed in a recent op-ed by UNM Law Professor Sergio Pareja. In the Albuquerque Journal article, Pareja argued for allowing some or all of Bush's temporary tax rates to expire.

Pareja brought an expertise in tax law when he joined the UNM law faculty in 2005. At the law school, he has taught Federal Income Tax, Contracts, Practicum, Estate and Gift Tax, Taxation of Business Enterprises, and International Business Transactions. In addition, he has taught in the law school's Business and Tax Clinic.

Outside of the classroom, Pareja's research interests include estate and gift taxation and individual income taxation, with a focus on tax simplification and equity, as well as the taxation of business enterprises.

Albuquerque Journal opinion article (October 21, 2010)