Professor Baum Presents at University of Tasmania

April 1, 2013

Professor Marsha Baum In July 2013, Professor Marsha Baum was welcomed back to the University of Tasmania Law Faculty in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia in January 2013.  For the second time, she taught “Concepts of Property” to a large class of upper division law students from Australia, Singapore, and Indonesia.  The course looks at the underpinnings of common law property and tests the underlying assumptions as the students attempt to answer the question, "What is property?" The University of New Mexico has an exchange program with the University of Tasmania for faculty and students.

Professor Baum was also the invited keynote speaker at the first Tasmanian Animal Law Conference held on January 19-20 in Hobart.  Her address, entitled “Teaching and Living Animal Law,” discussed the impact of AETA in an academic setting and considered the importance of dialogue in the often polarizing issues related to animal welfare and animal rights.  The conference covered a range of topics, including the role of animal law in law schools and the animal welfare revisions under consideration in Tasmania. The attendants included faculty from law schools throughout Australia as well as government officials, law practitioners, and law students.