Professor Reed Benson Quoted in Washington Post Article

March 27, 2015 - Tamara Williams

Professor Reed Benson
UNM Law Professor Reed Benson
Keleher & McLeod Professor Reed Benson

Reporter Jeff Guo of the Washington Post quoted UNM Law Professor Reed Benson six times in an article about rainwater collection in Colorado.

Benson, whose scholarship focuses on water law and environmental issues facing the West, was a logical choice for the article.

As Guo writes: “Benson has studied all the different ways that Western states have grappled with an increasingly stale idea like prior appropriation, which allocates water according to seniority instead of need. Bills legalizing rainwater collection are an example of how legislators have sought to carve exceptions into that way of thinking.”

For the full story published in the Washington Post on March 24, 2015, see: