Blog Highlights Research by Professor Nathalie Martin

May 5, 2015 - Tamara Williams

Asylum Seekers
Asylum Seekers

The blog,, highlights research by Professor Nathalie Martin in the post Exploring the Credit Behaviors of Undocumented Immigrants.

The blog summarizes her research with, “In a nutshell: A new study from the University of New Mexico found many undocumented immigrants are severely underbanked, wary of debt and unable to handle financial setbacks of $100 or more.”

The blog outlines the issues raised by Martin:

Despite composing such a significant portion of the U.S. population and workforce, new research out of the University of New Mexico shows many of these undocumented individuals are not only struggling financially, but are ill-equipped to handle a financial setback of even $100.

In her latest paper Giving Credit Where Credit is Due: What We Can Learn from the Banking and Credit Habits of Undocumented Immigrants, UNM School of Law Professor Nathalie Martin explored undocumented immigrants’ credit habits and “the grim realities of living in the financial shadows.”