Professor Chris Fritz on the "Hot Seat" at Georgetown

December 16, 2014

Professor Chris Fritz was invited to Georgetown University Law Center in mid-March to participate in a seminar titled, New Books on the Constitution. One of those books was Fritz's American Sovereigns: The People and America's Constitutional Tradition Before the Civil War.

Georgetown Professor Randy Barnett selected six books for his 22 seminar students to read and critique, one of which was Fritz's. A unique feature of the seminar was the opportunity for the students to grill the authors personally. Fritz reported that the Georgetown students were not easy on him.

"By and large they seemed intrigued by the work, but they pulled no punches in telling me what they thought would have made it better," said Fritz. "It was a great treat to be flown in at Georgetown's expense and have the chance to talk about the book."

And even nicer, he added, was the opportunity to be in the position of incorporating some of their feedback into the sequel to American Sovereigns he's currently working on.