Professor Blumenfeld Examines Rhetoric in New Article

October 17, 2012

Barbara Blumenfeld

Professor Barbara Blumenfeld examines the use of rhetoric in the teaching of legal writing in a new article titled, “Rhetoric, Referential Communication, and the Novice Writer.” The article appears in the fall 2012 issue of the peer-reviewed journal, Legal Communication & Rhetoric.

In the introduction, Blumenfeld writes, “Classical rhetoric is a useful and integral part of legal writing instruction at many law schools. It also forms the basis for much practice-related writing. Yet rhetoric arises from oral communications, while writing by its very definition does not have the same immediacy or ability to evaluate audience reaction. This essay, while recognizing the value of rhetoric, suggests that its use must be enhanced with a means of creating audience awareness in order to make complete its application to the teaching and practice of legal writing.”