Professor Marsha Baum Interviewed on Radio Program

November 11, 2014

Marsha BaumProfessor Marsha Baum was recently interviewed by host Jenny Rabinowitz on Animal Talk, a program on KSFR 101.FM, Public Radio for Santa Fe. Baum teaches a broad range of first-year and upper-level classes and oversees the Animal Law Moot Court team. Her scholarship is in Animal Law and Weather in U.S. Law and Society.

The program covered how animal law is different than animal rights, the growing number of law schools offering animal law classes, when animal law classes were first taught at the UNM Law School, and the types of animal classes offered now. Baum says she also taught a seminar and public speaking class for freshmen at UNM about animal law, which was very popular.

Baum says that one of her goals at the UNM Law School is that students understand they can be agents for change. “I tell students that they can make change through law and to do so they have to be creative, resourceful and patient,” says Baum.

The interview brought up how people view various species of animals differently, such as “warm and fuzzy” pets versus reptiles. Rabinowitz asked Baum about the conflict and tension within the law and public awareness, as well as where animal law is heading in 50 years.